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1. Look for a good man: An open and sympathetic man who doesn't hold grudges is a good man.

2. Look for a good father: He can be everything you need but if he isn't a good father, then you will have a big problem on your hands in future.

3. Look for a strong man: He's tough in rough times and you can always lean on him for support.

4. Look for a man with a sense of humor: He'll always know how to snap you out of a bad mood or make jokes out of funny situations.

5. Look for a passionate man: A man who sees the brighter side of life and has numerous interests, music, food, you name them.

6. Look for a man who loves music: His collections would make you fall in love with him over and over again.

7. Look for a smart man: He is witty and doesn't shy away from important conversations, and is very in tune with what is happening around him.

8. Look for a caring man: You really do not have to ask a lot, he just does them because he loves you.

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